Nike Dunk Low Coast to Release on February 18th, 2021

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Nike Dunk Low Coast to Release on February 18th, 2021

The Nike Dunk Low Coast made its debut in mid-December 2020 and will be officially launched tomorrow, February 18. Using a "sail" leather base, the couple's nominal "coast" color is similar to the fan's favorite "college blue" hue, which is set to land on the air Jordan 1 on March 6. The latest Dunk Low is not a simple two-tone design, but a "college gold" brand on the tongue and heel; the insole also has a sharp contrast. At the foot, non-Nike SB advocates a sports "sail" midsole with a light blue outsole.

Believe it or not, Giannis Antetokounmpo's Nike Zoom Freak 2 signature shoe is about to end its entire season life cycle. Normally, New Sale Air Jordan will give a shoe a full year on the market, and the peeping of Zoom Freak 3 is likely to begin to flood in the next few months. Despite this, Swoosh has launched more Zoom Freak 2 styles. In the upcoming price cuts on March 18, the use of denim twill looks very interesting. The color matching itself is quite simple, combining the static y shape of black and white materials with like-minded color matching. The only really popular color is the Greek freak logo on high heels, alternating bright mango and light blue.

Beyonce's Ivy Park imprint has been unstable since it established a long-term partnership with Adidas in January 2020, but its last drop did not make its first capsule make any noise. However, New Ultra Boost its latest "Ice Park" series has attracted widespread attention on social media through non-traditional sports shoe packaging made of ice and eye-catching modeling books. The clothing and footwear collection includes pull-up sweatshirts, sweatpants and five pairs of shoes: UltraBOOST, two Forum Mid options, a super sleek 72 and a sleek boot. As part of the "Ice and Snow Park" theme, most of the products have adopted the "core white" hue with reflective details to ensure high visibility in inclement weather. However, one of Adidas' original products is obsessed with silver and gray color schemes, which is different from the overall beauty of the upcoming series, but is different from the snow and cold clothing of Beyoncé's own modeling, as well as Gucci mane and Hailey ·Bieber and other characters match well. Like the previous version of Ivy Park, each sneaker comes with a detachable joint flight jacket nostalgic label on the heel.